Why Personhood? An Exercise in Logic

Why Personhood?

1) If abortion is NOT the killing of a PERSON, then there is no legitimate reason to regulate or prohibit it.

2) If abortion IS the killing of a PERSON, then there is no legitimate reason to regulate such barbaric behavior.

3) Abortion is clearly the killing of a PERSON. Softening this clarion declaration of moral and legal truth empowers those who wish it to continue and weakens those who know it must be prohibited.

4) This absolute reality provides the gravity by which we remain in faithful orbit as a supporter of the national PERSONHOOD movement. Killing a PERSON must be prohibited; innocent life must be protected.

5) Such acts of prohibition of killing an innocent PERSON and protection of life are essential to the justification for the existence of any proper government.

6) This is the premise of our moral and legal arguments and explains why we believe now is the time to pursue an end-game strategy for ultimate victory in the cause of life. Decades of noble efforts have severely crippled the abortion movement in America, but haven’t ended it. We believe the end-game for victory is acknowledging the child in the womb as a PERSON from the moment of conception in accordance with the Organic Law of these United States as expressed in the Declaration of Independence

7) Putting the emphasis on when a PERSON is a PERSON puts those in favor of killing on the defensive where they belong and firmly anchors the pro-life movement upon the moral and legal high ground in the most pressing ethical debate of our age.

8) As a long journey cannot possibly be successful without a destination and as an archer cannot measure his success without a target, so must a legitimate pro-life organization possess an identifiable and defensible premise. We salute all pro-life organizations that share the final destination, remain aimed at the identifiable target, and promote this premise. We are honored to join all Iowa citizens who understand that the goal has always been and must ever remain – the prohibition of killing an innocent PERSON.

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