Personhood Legislation Fast Tracked…No Wait, Politics As Usual

Personhood Legislation Fast Tracked…No Wait, Politics As Usual
Rep. Greg Heartsill-R, HD-28

Rep. Greg Heartsill-R, HD-28

Let me set the scene…Pro-Life/Personhood warrior, Rep. Greg Heartsill-R (HD-28) puts forth HF2142. Which, by the way, is nearly the perfect pro-life bill and delivers everything we want in legislation to protect the unborn! Here is the bill in all of its beautiful, simple entirety:

H.F. 2142

Section 1. NEW SECTION . 1.19 Rights and protections beginning at conception. The sovereign state of Iowa recognizes that life is valued and protected from the moment of conception, and each life, from that moment, is accorded the same rights and protections guaranteed to all persons by the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Iowa, and the laws of this state. The Iowa supreme court shall not have appellate jurisdiction over the provisions of this section.

Sec. 2. EFFECTIVE UPON ENACTMENT. This Act, being deemed of immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment. (To see the bill and other information, go here,

Amazing, right?! How elegantly simple! But I digress…let me get back to the scene: Rep. Heartsill seeks co-sponsors for his legislation and gets 10 of his fellow legislators, all Republicans, to do so; Reps. Fisher (HD-72), Salmon (HD-63), Holt (HD-18), Windschitl (HD-17), Gustafson (HD-25), Wills (HD-1), Landon (HD-37), Fry (HD-27), Rogers (HD-60), and Kooiker (HD-4). (You’ll see why I highlighted these two gentlemen in a moment.)

So now what? Well, the bill now gets assigned to a sub-committee, which is made up of three legislators, one from each party and then a chair from the majority party, in this case the Republicans control the House by a 57-43 margin (maybe make a note of this as well). The three members of the sub-committee are or were Rep. Matt Windschitl-R, HD-17 (chair), Rep. Walt Rogers-R, HD-60, and Rep. Marti Anderson-D, HD-36. Wait, so now you are as excited as I was…yes, was. Bear with me. My excitement stemmed from the fact that that this bill was assigned to a sub-committee that had TWO OF THE CO-SPONSORS on it! We only need two votes to move it out of committee and move it along to making it through the funnel! AND Rep. Windschitl is from a VERY Conservative district…and he has proclaimed many times his pro-life bona fides! We can’t lose, right?! Except, yes we can…and did.

Apparently there is something about going to Des Moines as an elected official that is much like going to Washington DC, they have what they call Potomac Fever in DC…we need to come up with something that describes what happens in Des Moines, I guess. Because once most of these folks get out of the real world and get this “power”, something happens to them! I don’t know if I can, or frankly want to, put into words my anger, disappointment, etc., so we’ll let Rep. Windschitl’s own response to his constituents’ concerns about letting this bill die speak for himself:

Dear Rep. Windschitl,

Thank you for sponsoring the Personhood bill. I see that so far, there is no subcommittee hearing scheduled for it. I would strongly urge you to schedule a meeting immediately to meet the funnel deadline. This is a very critical bill which you have agreed to sign on to. I hope that you will see it is passed all the way through the chamber.





Thank you for reaching out to me on this very important issue! I truly believe that if we are to get our country back on the righteous path we must begin by fully respecting life from the moment the Lord creates a new soul. That is why I cosponsored HF2142 and have authored and signed onto many Prolife initiatives in the past. Since my first year in office I have worked with folks across the state to protect and save the unborn. Fighting for the unborn was one of the main reasons I ran for office and my commitment to the unborn has not changed. 

One thing I have learned over the years is a better understanding of timing and tactics. What I mean by this is there is a right time to move forward and there is a right time to be patient and wait on the Lord. Before I made a decision on whether or not to hold a sub-committee on HF2142 I spent much time in prayer seeking the Lords face and his guidance on how to properly proceed. I also sought counsel with friends in the Prolife community who I consider to be of good character and moral integrity. The conclusion the Lord led me to was to not hold a subcommittee on HF2142 at this time for some complex reasons. This decision did not come easily and was not made lightly.

Without getting too far into the complexities of my decision, I want to explain one of the reasons I came to the conclusion I did. Right now we have a groundswell of support in the general public to ban the sale and procurement of baby body parts after an abortion. We currently have multiple bills in the House to ban such practices in our state and these bills could make it through the liberal Senate Lord willing. In my estimation holding a sub–committee on HF2142, which will never pass the Senate until it changes hands, could have a detrimental effect on being able to get a baby body parts bill passed. I have seen similar situations before on other bills and other topics, where one issue drowns out the opportunity to move forward on an issue that is a complete no-brainer. The ultimate goal of both pieces of legislation is to save the unborn, if one bill can actually get on the Governor’s desk this year and save lives then I will take that step now and continue to push on the long term objective now and in the future. 

There are many more complexities to this situation and to the overall effort to save the unborn. If you would like to have a more thorough conversation on this or any issue please give me a call sometime and I will answer any questions you may have. Please keep me informed on how I can best serve you.

Rep. Matt Windschitl-R, HD 17

Rep. Matt Windschitl-R, HD 17



Matt Windschitl

Speaker Pro Tem

House District 17

712 642 4334

Are you starting to see a pattern here? First our “pro-life” governor refuses to act well within his authority to stop sending our money to the leading abortuary in the state and now this “pro-life” leader says God told him not to hold a sub-committee meeting to protect life!!! Are you kidding me?! By the way, the excuse that none of the pro-life groups in the state agree on this is not available this time either: Personhood IOWA was joined by The FAMiLY Leader, & Iowa Right to Life as supporters of this bill at the state capital and Iowans for LIFE sent out an action alert to urge their supporters to contact their legislators to support it as well. I heard that several Lutheran Church Missouri Synod parties also emailed Rep. Windschitl urging him to act as well. Did I mention that there is a 57-43 majority in the House?! And that that majority is held by the party that has this is the first section of planks in its platform (which you can read here, notice the opening paragraphs!


  1. Human life is a sacred gift from our Creator and is a fundamental right as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. This right is innately valuable in every stage and development from conception to non-intervened natural death. No human life should ever be diminished, and innocent human life must never be arbitrarily taken. We commend the efforts of those individuals and religious and private organizations that are providing positive alternatives to abortion by meeting the physical, emotional, and financial needs of pregnant women and offering services where needed.
  2. We oppose the use of public funding for abortion services, contraception, and abortifacients.
  3. We support an amendment to both the U.S. and the Iowa Constitutions defining and supporting the honored institution of marriage as the legal union between one natural man and one natural woman.
  4. We support non-embryonic stem cell research, while opposing human cloning and research using fetal tissue from abortions.


And they wonder why people are sick of the party! Well, again, I am nearly at a loss for words, so as I close, let me say this…It doesn’t matter what would or would not have happened in the Senate. It is our job to do all that we can, in our circle of influence or sphere of responsibility. God will handle the rest. There is no excuse that this bill didn’t make it through the committee process and get sent on to Sen. Gronstal, D (SD-8) and the Senate with at least 57 affirmative votes! Please continue to pray…pray that we will repent of this evil that is occurring on our watch, pray that our elected officials will have the scales fall away and their hearts broken for the innocent lives taken everyday, pray that God will aid us in this battle if it is His will, most of all pray for His forgiveness.


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