Personhood IOWA-Pop Culture Takes on the Destruction of the Pre-Born

Personhood IOWA-Pop Culture Takes on the Destruction of the Pre-Born
A Planned Parenthood Infomercial and “Ripped from the Headlines” Treatment

Who knew the executive director of a multi-million dollar “non-profit” that hangs her hat on her radical feminist credentials would need a knight in shining armor…but, nonetheless, here comes the Hollywood elites riding in to try and save the day for poor Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood. Yes, the very same little ol’ non-profit that just announced they would spend 20 MILLION of OUR DOLLARS, btw, to fight the attempts by those of us that think that, at the very least, we should not be forced to pay for the destruction of the next generation. Below read about a couple of popular TV shows that decided to touch on the subject of abortion this week. Without watching either one and relying on other reviews, I suggest that one show handled the subject better than the other. Below are my thoughts…then, you can decide if you’ll watch and how you think they did.

Scandal ADF HeadlineFirst up is Scandal, a popular drama on ABC. WOW! If John McLaughlin or Ed Wilson or Brad Edwards (our three main local weather men) had all forecast something like this, “…and tomorrow looks mostly cloudy with a 100% chance of fire and brimstone all across the country…” I would not be surprised, nor would I blame the All Mighty one little bit. As I said above, FULL DISCLOSURE…I did not watch the most recent (or any before that for that matter) episode of the ABC drama, Scandal. It just never appealed to me and now they producers, director, and all those involved have proved my hunch correct. I don’t want to steal too much of Ms. Poulson’s thunder, but suffice to say, this is so reprehensible! The cavalier way they treat the subject matter and so tastelessly defile some of our most beloved Christmas songs and hymns is heartbreaking and infuriating all at the same time! Below is the blog from Marissa Poulson of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) who fell on the grenade for us all and watched the episode. Marissa absolutely nails it with her comments, in my opinion; again watch at your own risk.

ADF is leading in the fight against abortion providers, in particular they are providing great leadership and assistance in the fight to defund Planned Parenthood. Please check out there many resources at

Link directly to the blog:’s-planned-parenthood-plotline

Another popular show, that I have admittedly never watched is CBS’s The Good Wife. Coincidentally, they also tackled the abortion issue this week. Though from a much more tasteful (if that’s possible) direction. Since I didn’t watch the show, I have to rely on the reviews and commentary from much more liberal analysis; see the term “anti-choicer” among so many others on the below links as evidence. In the Yahoo review they state that “The episode quickly side-stepped the tissue collecting aspect in favor of a First Amendment case about the video being released and the woman who filmed the video could be sued before it were even released.”

The-Good-WifeFOX News:

TV Line:


All in all, it is very troubling the way the left and their allies in Hollywood are running to protect their very own “peculiar institution.”

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