Personhood IOWA and Drake University Students for Life

Personhood IOWA and Drake University Students for Life
Bringing the Campus Back to Life 12.5.15

DrakeEvent (002)There is a brand new force for life on campus at Drake University. Senior Cassie Aerts is the the determined director of the recently organized Students for Life group at the private university in the heart of Des Moines. After an uphill battle, Ms. Aerts was able to get the group off the ground and started holding regular meetings recently. Cassie told us they have a heart for service and aren’t as interested in holding signs or protesting. She reached out to some local ministries, including Personhood IOWA to speak at coming events and to find service opportunities for members. At their first event with a guest speaker, they invited Brenda Knollenberg, executive director of Agape Pregnancy Center, located not far from campus.The group has recently been volunteering for Young Lives (ministry for young teen moms) by helping babysit the babies at least one Sunday per month. Next, they are planning on honoring some folks at the other end of life by taking some treats and spending some time with the residents of Fountain West (retirement community) before scattering back home for Christmas Break.

On December 5th, Personhood IOWA partnered with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Drake and 99.3 The Truth to help the new Students for Life group bring national radio talk show host, Steve Deace to campus to talk about why he is so passionate about the fight for life, why the way to actually win is to frame the argument the way the other side doesn’t want to, and to encourage the next generation of pro-life warriors.

If you are a student at Drake that would like to make a difference, an alum that wants to support these passionate young people, or anyone else that would like to learn more about the group and how you can help, please contact them on their Facebook page (




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