Iowa Sen. Jake Chapman Describes Real Hate Crimes

Iowa Sen. Jake Chapman Describes Real Hate Crimes

EXCLAMATION POINT WARNING, there will be many…Iowa State Senator Jake Chapman (R-Adel) is a hero here! This is how you find yourself being pushed for higher office! Sen. Chapman is the kind of leader that we need to see leading the “party of life”, not folks that only pay lip service when it is time to run for re-election. The good senator takes the opportunity of a proposed amendment to a law, a law that actually needs to go away by the way, to make a brilliant point! Please take the time to watch this masterful performance…I want to warn you, Sen. Chapman describes exactly what we are talking about with abortion. It may be uncomfortable, but if the description makes you squirm, how do you suppose we should react to the practice itself?! Something else to note is the reaction of the Democrats…pretty telling that they don’t want you to know.


Thank you Sen. Chapman for your courage!

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