From the Desk of the President…Personhood Iowa

From the Desk of the President…Personhood Iowa

I continue to be asked by a lot Iowa activists my thoughts on Libertarian Party candidate for governor Dr. Lee Hieb. I’ve been in communication with Lee since we sat down for an extended lunch a few weeks back. Recall after that meeting I said I certainly think there’s something to work with there. Lee is one of the smartest individuals I’ve encountered during my time in Iowa politics, and in this case I don’t mean that as a back-handed compliment. Frankly, she’s thought through the issues at an elite level.

At the very least, I’d urge folks to support her getting on the ballot, because she instantly upgrades the intellectual capacity in the gubernatorial debate. She will also have a table at The Family Leader’s upcoming Leadership Summit on August 9th. That is a smart move on her part.

As to the question whether or not I will support her candidacy, that still remains to be seen. My views are dramatically more in line with Hieb’s on several key issues compared to either major party candidate for governor’s. Essentially Terry Branstad is arguing for the old Democrat Party positions we opposed in the 1980s and 1990s, and Jack Hatch represents the American Marxist view that has taken over the Democrat Party in our day.

That said, I won’t support someone just to send a message or out of frustration, as tantalizing as that is. Candidates need to prove they’re qualified to earn my support, no matter who/what the alternative is. That goes for both primaries and generals.

Short-term, emotion-based decision making is one of the reasons we’re in this mess as a culture, so I want to resist that temptation and think critically. As many of you know, if you’re not pro-life — truly pro-life — I will not vote for you no matter where you stand on anything else. History has proven time and time again those who will not protect life will not hold firm on anything else when the time comes. Life isn’t just a litmus test issue, it’s a window to the soul.

Not to mention, on Tuesday I was voted president of the board of Personhood Iowa, and former Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Danny Carroll was voted vice-president. You can learn more about this group here: and

We are in the very early stages of this group’s development, so maintaining the standard we claim to be advancing/defending is even more important. We don’t want to go down the road of political compromise/calculation that has caused too many of our pro-life brethren to lose their way. Therefore, our board will soon finalize the wording we will ask candidates to endorse.

That’s right. We’re not going to endorse candidates. We’re going to raise a standard that says “all life is sacred…always” and ask the candidates to endorse us if they agree. It’s time to cease and desist the false premise of accommodating politicians for principles, but rather to hold politicians accountable to our principles. We believe the killing will not stop until we’re willing to do this.

Once our board finalizes that language we will then present it to candidates for as many offices in Iowa as we can reach, including Dr. Hieb, and report back to you who has truly committed to advancing a culture of life.

The beauty of actually having a standard is this takes all the pressure off us, and puts in on the candidates — where it belongs. They will either hire or fire themselves.

~Steve Deace, President of the Board, Personhood Iowa & Nationally Syndicated Radio Host


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